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With 20 years of experience in the industry, we are the only company selling Wintermann® polyurea spray machines. Or experts gathered experience since 1992, and because of that now we can provide services on the highest level!

Join other clients and cee for yourself what can Wintermann machines do! You won’t regret it.

About our brand

This is what our company does.

Worldwide sell

Our machines reach customers from all over the world. Products always reach buyers, regardless of distance.

Materials supplies

We sell not only machines but also materials for polyurethane foam spraying. Opencells and closedcells foams.

Ideal price

We always choose the product so that our client is satisfied with its performance and its price.


We happily pass on our experience to customers so that they can take full advantage of the capabilities of our machines.

We are improving

The Wintermann® brand is becoming more and more popular on the PUR market. The number of our clients us is constantly growing.

Post-purchase assistance

Even after the purchase, we help our customers by answering questions and providing advice via phone with first start of the machine.



This is what Wintermann® machines can be used for, among other things.
Find something for yourself!

Polyurethane spraying

Our machines are ideal for spraying open-cell and closed-cell foam. Hybrids are also not a problem. We will help you chose the perfect machine.

Attics insulation and more

Wintermann® devices are not only suitable for insulating attics. They can also be used for injections and outlets of PUR materials.

Insulation and reinforcement

Our devices can also be used to insulate all kinds of surfaces. Our customers have already used machines to insulate boats or garages from the outside!

The best-selling machine of the year 2021!

Wintermann® Xpress is undoubtedly one of the best machines tailored to the needs of customers. Small, handy and mobile, with a lot of power enough to foam attics and more.

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Strength of polyurea sprayed with the Wintermann® machine.

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Strength of polyurea sprayed with the Wintermann® machine.

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The machine can be powered from a 230V circuit. [Polish language]

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Our partner’s channel. Laser cleaning and extraction and air filtration systems.

About us

Here are our achievements! We are proud of every machine sold and every satisfied customer.

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Customers opinions

Here’s what our clients think about us

"At first, I had some doubts, but after contacting me, I got all the information I needed about the training and service. The machine has been serving me for 5 years, and I will buy a second one soon."
Zygmunt F.
Wintermann 350 Pro
“I am very pleased with the service. I came here with a machine I had previously purchased used. It did not work, but now, after the intervention of the service technicians, it flies! "
Piotr K.
Wintermann Xpress
“I neglected the machine, sent it for service. I got a quote and to be honest I was positively surprised. The machine has been restored and is now fully functionable. I heartily recommend this company. "
Michał G.
Wintermann 200 Pro

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