Thanks to Michael Surkin for hosting this live radio discussion, it was great fun to be a part of it! You can listen to the livecast here.

Here are some of the resources I mentioned and we talked about for entrepreneurs of any kind that may be useful:

A website of events and resources with an impressive open and collaborative group of folks via listserve is open to anyone. Topics include anything startup, technology, business and more.

Organizers: Chuck Groom and Gaurav Oberoi

A collaborative organization that focuses on startups in the Seattle area with the focus of helping tech entrepreneurs build great companies. Great posts, great events, great folks.

Organizers: Marcelo Calbucci, Danielle Morrill, Alyssa Royse, Andy Sack, Anthony Stevens, David Aronchick, Gerry Langeler, Jennifer Cabala, Sasha Pasulka

A calendar of various technology events across many regions, Seattle included. Techvenue is a promoter of local & worldwide technology-related business events organized geographically in an easy-to-use set of calendars.

The Northwest Entrepreneur Network’s focus is on helping entrepreneur’s succeed. Events, meet and greets, Pub nights, think tanks, seminars and other programs provide valuable resources.

Organizers: A non-profit with great contributors, sponsors and community leaders.

A great ‘co-working’ solution that provides short and long term desks & offices in a collaborative environment next to other technology folks. More importantly they also offer free monthly one-on-one meetings with leaders in their area including usability, finance, legal and more. Brown bag lunches, talks, events, all Seattle based.

Organizers: Andy Sack, Mike Koss and others.

A resource (seattle included) for all things entrepeneur, finance, VC, events, etc. with a thumb on the pulse of tech and startup.