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Facebook comment = email reply (Whew!)

It’s true I’m a social media and digital nut. Not only personally do I find it incredibly difficult to rip myself away from my favorite channels, but I also consult for various clients helping them understand how to maximize social and digital marketing from creating a strategy or campaign, to establishing protocols that get the most out of it. 

While so many social channels are still truly in their infancy, they are quickly figuring out how to make the engagement lifecycle easier and more integrated which is critical to longterm success. (Well, within their own channel anyway….try creating a social media campaign that cross-markets using several channels (such as Facebook AND Twitter), then having a management and tracking plan in place that doesn’t consume a full time resource! (More to come on that I’m sure). 

I have my communication preferences just like everyone else and when I started using facebook personally, I was pretty resistant to the whole concept of: 

Share -> Notify -> Sign In -> comment -> sign out and move on -> get another comment/poke/post -> Sign in, etc. 

People started having ‘semi-live’ conversations within a topic and it was certainly Facebook’s point to keep people signed in longer and doing more. But frankly, not for me.  

I would literally reply to an invite/post/comment saying email me@. If it didn’t work the first time, I would be forced to use the word PLEASE, PLEASE email me@ 

So I did eventually get over that 🙂 however MOST importantly (and the big news!) is that I’m so thrilled that I don’t have to get over it at all!! With the new reply-to email to comment on posts, I get to stay in the same places I want to online, and to my beloved email inbox! 

Yayyy! (Just reply to FB activity in your inbox!)


Really, really, really, thank you! This tidy and handy little feature is a setting adjustment in your account – just select your notification preferences (comments, updates, etc.) with your email preferences. If you’re a super-active FB individual and you go around poking people and sending little apps and having real time conversations (or your friends do!), it’s a great way to keep up with the ‘conversation’. 

Now, when you’re at work and your boss walks by to make sure you’re  not burning company time by socializing with your friends on facebook, you’re covered!

Smart move, facebook! As organizations crack down on (unofficial) social media time spent in the office, you’ve made it much easier to keep engaged without getting ‘found out’. And for those of us who just LOVE the handy little feature because it’s how we want to manage our engagements, we’re so much happier!

BTW, let’s not forget how much easier this makes it for several people within an organization to manage a company presence…A definite consolidation trend for 2010. More on that another time.

Advertisers aren’t chuckling anymore. They need you Ms, Mr, and Mrs consumer.

Two years ago when I embarked on the journey to help advertisers and agencies understand how the consumer messaging paradigm shift plays a critical role in their world, the average response was; well, a chuckle.

It wasn’t a ‘ha-ha, you’re funny’ kind of chuckle, it was more of a ‘are you kidding me? Consumers taking over creative?’ kind of chuckle. I’m going to go there and say, they’re not chuckling anymore. As a matter of fact, they haven’t been for about a year now as industry wide it’s crystal clear that they need you, Ms, Mr and Mrs consumer.

Regardless of the myriad collection of industry terms (consumer generated messaging, consumer generated advertising, social media, crowdsourcing, etc., most of which are still in debate), one message reveals itself as the essence of the shift. Consumers are THE most critical element in any campaign strategy and execution.

Seems obvious, right? Clearly, if you want to communicate the most relevant message to your buyer, you need to know what resonates with them as a collective. That message needs to be so compelling, that sharing is the natural next step. After all, people share what they care about. I call this being one with the people.

And there you have it;  Ask, and ye shall receive.

Most Winning Creative Work Involves Consumer Participation

The result? 9 out of the top 10 worldwide ‘best of’ campaigns involved consumer input and only 1 was a traditional campaign. Now that’s pretty cool.

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