I alluded to posting trends I see and believe in moving forward and I’m finally making the time for #1 because my postman was willing to help fix my window today.

We have a pathfinder we sluff around in – it’s great for hauling things from my gardening obsessions to packages, to people (vs. the cute little car which is a two person gig). Over the past several weeks, the front passenger window has been acting peculiar. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it doesn’t. Try several times and you’ll get lucky that it will close. Whew, and oohhh every time. Since it’s an automatic window, it could be a small or big fix, quick or painfully slow, no big deal or hugely expensive.

For any of you with a newer and/or high-end car, this can be a dauntingly potential “electrical” problem. (“ouch”). Today, that persnickety window turned into failure — the window would not close at all! Ugh. That’s inconvenient – geez, it’s 4pm in the afternoon and it’s supposed to rain.

So of course I tried my previous series of tricks; Partially up (nope), partially down (yep), pushing up while holidng the button (nope), down a little more then pull it up? (nope). Partially down again? (yep and crud, all the way down it goes, right into the door frame).

Along comes my postman who catches me doing handstands, odd activities and perhaps an explicative or two, and so on in my desperate attempts to get the window up for the evening.  I say, “Hey Aarol, has this ever happened to you? Any ideas”?  He gives me his ideas – One is very bad (the motor in the door has died) and one is good (it’s stuck, force it up). The entire thought of removing the door panel and replacing the motor must have expressed itself with razor sharp clarity. 

Aarol says; “that’s happened to me, I could help fix it”. (WOW.)

Trend #1 – collaboration

I can’t exactly say I’ve done anything spectacular for my postman except to be a good natured and friendly person; we chat when he comes round, I’m empathetic to what he must deal with on a daily basis and I really like him so I try to make his job easier. But frankly, don’t most of us? Maybe not… I mean, seriously, he offered to help fix my window. It’s no small feat and it’s no small offer.

As we move through this whacky economic situation that can be easily articulated into the have’s and have not’s (for the purpose of this concept), I believe we will get back to the basics to collaborate toward some common vision or goal. Whether it’s 5 minutes of “I’ve been there, try this” to something more complex, I believe we’re back on the path of help me, help you. No matter how small or big, this is what connects us.

And today, we hold that value higher than we have in the last decade because it’s real. It’s consumable, it’s immediate and it means something.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve moved to an “I can help you, but you have to pay” model, validated by those who were willing to do so. Well, that’s great for high commerce times. Pay to play. But looking at where this fundamental concept and requirement (and on a global scale) has gotten us, it’s clearly not the path to success. And it’s clearly challenged today. Yet, the value of the relationship is there, it’s the currency that will change.

So, moving forward, collaboration will rule. People will get closer together to help each other on every scale, small and large. Whether it’s an “I’ll connect you, I’ve been there, I have some ideas” and so on, this trend will start to rule how we do business, how we grow a business, and how they will succeed. Yes, there’s still plenty of room for the ‘pro services’ folks – but I believe that landscape will also continue to change.

We will start re-connecting again as in times past; giving freely to you, as you would to me, because we both know the less we collaborate, the steeper the hill and that 20 degrees all of a sudden feels like and looks like 10 degrees.

Now that helps us move forward.